You can cancel your order without penalty at any time prior to the goods being dispatched from our premises. However, If the furniture you have ordered is bespoke or being altered in any way, Cancellation will not be possible without penalty when your order is in the process of being made/ altered. 

If the goods have left our premises and cannot be delivered due to reasons beyond our control, Return charges will apply.

These reasons include but are not limited to:

  • The customer cancels the order after the item(s) have been dispatched.
  • We are unable to complete the delivery due to access issues.
  • The customer is unavailable or unable to take delivery of the goods. (re-delivery charge may apply)



When placing an order for bespoke furniture please ensure that the measurements you have provided are correct as these items will be made to your specifications. If the measurements that you have provided are incorrect resulting in the furniture not fitting in required spaces etc, A refund will not be issued. Alterations may be available at extra cost along with additional shipping costs.


In the unlikely event you are not 100% happy with your purchase, We are pleased to offer a 7 day money back guarantee  commencing the day after delivery. (this discludes any bespoke/ hand made or altered furniture)

This means you have the right to cancel your order within 7 working days without charge; The only liability being any delivery or return carriage costs. After this 7 working day period we are unable to accept returns of any items purchased unless faulty. If items are incorrect, damaged or faulty you should notify us immediately. You may be asked to put this in writing to with photographic evidence.

Delivery costs stated at time of purchase will often be less than what we pay. This is because we subsidize delivery charges. Re-turns will be at original rate.

Please return the item(s) in the same condition as received and in the original packaging (where applicable) and in the same high quality condition they arrived in. If items being returned are not faulty these items must be returned in an unused state or we reserve the right to refuse the returns. You are responsible for any further damages sustained after delivery has been made. Once the items have been returned they will be inspected. You will recieve your refund within 30 days of cancelation. 


Wood will exhibit variations in colour, grain pattern and tone within individual pieces of furniture and between different items of furniture within the same range. This is not a fault but a natural characteristic of the material. Wood will also change colour as it ages. Again this is not a fault but part of the inherent characteristics of the material.

It is not unusual for wooden furniture to crack or split as the timber settles; this happens more frequently with waxed furniture and is completely normal.

Wooden furniture will swell in damp conditions and shrink in hot, dry conditions. The furniture we supply is not suitable for areas which attract strong sunlight and heat such as conservatories. 

On occasion knots in the timber may bleed through on paint finishes, This is a natural occurance as the wood and paint finish matures. This is to be expected and adds character to each individual piece of furniture and is not considered a fault or defect.

No wooden products are stain or heat resistant, although a lacquered product offers slightly greater protection.

No refunds will be payable for damage caused by mishandling furniture, misuse of furniture or the application of unsuitable coatings, polishes or abrasives. 


Customers are required to familiarise themselves with what is commonly understood by the terms 'distressed furniture' before ordering such items. These terms mean the goods will exhibit a variety of imperfections to the surfaces, such as cracked, flaking or incomplete paint work or lacquer, marks, gouges, splits or cracks to the surfaces or any other blemishes deliberately intended to create a worn, aged or re-used appearance. 


Wood and wood based furniture has inherent inconsistencies in the absorbency of its surfaces. It is inevitable therefore that this will result in some colour variations in the finish on individual pieces of furniture and between different items of furniture within the same range. There are also variations in colour finishes as depicted on the internet due to technical factors, such as lighting of the furniture when photographed, editing of images and variations between video display units.

Due to the nature of handmade furniture, all ranges will feature varying degrees of distressing from piece to piece; All of our painted furniture crafted on site is made using solid pine, Characteristics may include wood splits, filling, knots bleeding through as the timber/ paint matures, distress marks, antiquing etc. As above, such features are considered integral to the traditional charm of hand crafted solid wood furniture and are not a fault or defect.

Please bear in mind that you are purchasing a natural wood product which as a result of it's inherited characteristics may require some minor adjustments after reaching the environment of your home. By purchasing our furniture you agree to undertake any simple necessary adjustments yourself. Certain issues will not be deemed as defective or faulty, for example;

  • On rare occasions, due to extreme climate changes in shipping, drawers and doors may swell slightly making them stiff to open. This issue will normally resolve itself within a matter of days once the timbers acclimate to there new environment; However, an alternative remedy may be to move the drawers around. Occasionally the movement may not settle and a small amount may need to be shaved from the bottom of the drawer or door.
  • While every effort is made to match all finishes and colours, wood is a natural product and there may be variations in colour, grain pattern and shade. As is common practice when crafting wood furniture. Certain degrees of filler may also be used to ensure a uniform finish.
  • Our furniture is hand crafted from natural wood timbers and accordingly there may be slight differences in sizes between products of the same description. All product dimensions specified by us are approximate.
  • As each piece is crafted by hand, there may be differences in the spacing around doors and drawers; However, this will all be in our quality control preferences. 

Failure to care for your furniture in the recommended way will result in invalidation of your warranty. Should Britannia Pine & Furniture deem is impractical to offer you a replacement product for any item that is damaged or faulty, we reserve the right to offer a repair, an allowance for a repair or alternatively a refund.

Please note that these terms do not effect your statuary rights.